In addition to our large number of Flat Deck, Step Deck and Super B trailers we also offer Curtain Side trailers. We have numerous Heavy Haul and Over Dimensional trailers with various jeep and booster configurations to manage your freight requirements. See below for more information on our heavy haul and over dimensional trailers.

Multi Axle Heavy Haul Trailers

Multi axle trailers can carry the heaviest of loads and are available in a range of configurations. For example, this type of specialized transportation trailer comes in a variety of deck and axle combinations.


Docktor Freight Solutions has been in the heavy trucking business for many years, but we are not stuck with old ideas and equipment. We keep up with technology, ensuring that you have access to the toughest most reliable equipment.

Double Drop RGN Trailers

Double drop RGN (Removable Goose Neck) trailers are typically used for hauling cargo that can be driven onto the trailer, for example forklifts, cranes, graders, backhoes and similar freight. A double drop RGN trailer is often referred to as a “detach” because it has a goose neck that detaches and moves away from the trailer’s lower deck. This allows the load to be driven on.

There are many different configurations, heights and length of double drop RGN trailers available from Docktor Freight Solutions.

Expandable Flat Deck and Step Deck Trailers

For moves that require extra long trailers, our expandable flat deck and step deck trailers provide the extra space you require. For overweight moves, various jeep and booster combinations can be used to accommodate your freight.